Super Cooler


                            The  Coolest  move you can make for your Truck!!




Simply the BEST Transmission Cooler Package Offered today!


ProWeld Performance Parts is proud to offer the Super Cooler Line of Complete Transmission Cooling packages.


Why do you need a Super Cooler?


1.  Double or Triple the Life of your Automatic Transmission!

Test has proven that for every 20° drop in transmission fluid temperature, you can double the life of your Automatic Transmission’s components.  Testing has shown that the Super Cooler consistently lowers everyday transmission temperatures by 30°-40°.  And for those that tow or haul heavy loads, the Super Cooler has shown in testing to lower automatic transmission fluid temperatures by 30° - 75°! 


2.  Cooler Transmissions work better!

Cooler Transmission fluid gives more reliable, consistent shifts in hot weather and prevents Transmission damage under extreme Towing conditions.  The Cooler has a dual-mode of operation.  In normal everyday situations the Super Cooler works to keep automatic transmission fluid temperatures in check, lowering them over stock truck readings, but not over-cooling them for optimal all weather performance.  But when the going gets rough the cooler has the extra capacity to handle most any situation you can through at it.  Heavy towing, mountainous terrain, desert heat, stop and go traffic, and an endless list of other extreme conditions can all be handled by the Super Cooler.  The key element to the Super Coolers ability to handle extreme conditions is it’s built-in fan that is controlled automatically by a built-in thermostat.  Once fluid temperatures reach 175°F, the fan switches on and will stay on till things cool down under 145°F.  This dual-mode operation allows the Super Cooler to perform in all types of weather conditions and in all levels of operation and load.



What is a Super Cooler?


       A New way of looking at an Old and Troublesome



1.   It addresses the problems associated with Hard

     Working Heavy Duty Automatic Truck 


a.      The need for everyday, real world cooling.


     b.  The need for Extra HD cooling when towing or hauling 

           Heavy loads.


2.   Don’t make changes that help in one area,

    But hurt Performance and reliability in others.


a.      The Super Cooler is mounted OUT of the engine

     Compartment, where it gets abundant cool air, and does not affect other systems with the heat it gives off.


b.     The typical modern day Automatic Equipped HD truck can have as many as five (5) cooling systems mounted up front.  

     Why add more to an already over-taxed system?


c.     The Super Cooler is placed close to the transmission it

     serves.  This close proximity makes for shorter lines,

     shorter lines mean less chances of failure due to exposure

     to the elements.


3.   Protection from the elements and flying debris.


a.      The Mounting bracket for the Super Cooler is a

     professionally fabricated piece, it is very strong and

     incorporates a mesh shield that provides superior

     protection against flying rocks and debris.  Our mounting

     brackets are also powder coated for long life and lasting

    good looks.


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Super Cooler SC-100
PN-SC-100 The best Transmission cooler offered for the Dodge HD Trucks! Fits1994-2004 Dodge Ram 2500,3500 Trucks Cooler LocationBehind the Transfer Case Color ProWeld Blue Quantity 1 Kit

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Super Cooler SC-110
PN-SC-110 Super Cooler High Performace Transmission cooler. Application 1994 to 2006 Dodge 2500-3500 Ram Trucks Type Frame side Mount Color ProWeld Blue Quantity 1 Kit