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 Welcome to our "What's New" page!


We now have a Bargain Pit...New Parts, that are open box, display or used in mock-up .  No matter how you look at it, You Save...We have plenty to list, so check back for updates!



We also now have a more complete line of Bolt Kits for the For Modular Engine...Look here for full listing. 

New 99-01 Cobra Engine Bolt Kits

We have up-dated and re-done the tables for our popular Socket Head Bolt Kits for the older 4-Valve 4.6L-5.4L Engines.


Click here for 4-Valve Kits

New 2-Valve 4.6L Socket Head Bolt Kits

Our 2-valve 4.6L & 5.4L Socket Head Bolt Kits, have been up-dated and expanded!


Click here for 2-Valve Kits

New 3-Valve 2005-2010 Socket Head Bolt Kits

The 3-Valve Socket Head Bolt Kits are completely new, and offer the most up-to-date offering for any 3-Valve engine.  These Kits allow you to replace your weak, one-time-use, factory bolts with stronger, longer lasting Socket Head Bolts.


Click here for 3-Valve Kits

New 03-04 4-Valve 4.6L Socket Head Bolt Kits

The hottest source for 03-04 Cobra parts and bolts has just gotten bigger!  We have expanded the Socket Head Bolt Kits offered, and we are the only source for replacement, up-graded bolts for the 03-04 Cobra Engines.  Building a Terminator Engine?  Give this page a look-over, you'll find the largest collection of specific Socket Head Bolts in kit form for this great engine.  Better then OEM, and much cheaper!


Click here for 03-04 Cobra Kits

New Socket Head Bolts, Sold Individually !!

You asked for it, and now it's here....Because we had so many request for matching bolts to our Socket Head Bolt Kits, we decided to add this new page.  A page with a huge assortment of the most popular Socket Head Bolt sizes, in both Black Oxide and Stainless Steel, so you can match the bolts we us in our kits, to any application on your car.


Claick here for individual Socket Head Bolts

Nuts, Washers, & Spacers Now Available

Also by Popular Demand...A complete assortment of Nuts, Washers & Spacers in the same high quality materials as our kits, available to you, to mix and match as you like, for all your fastener needs.


Click here for Nuts, Washers & Spacers

Engine Pre-Lubber..Turbo Pump Now Available !

Were proud to offer the Engine Pre-Lubber/Turbo Oil Pump.  Its the best available and will outlast the engine many times over.  For the best in Turbo Scavaging pumps, or Engine Pre-Lube Pumps look no further.


Click here for the Engine Pre-Lubber

Project COBRA33 getting ready to start Back-up !!!!

That's right, it's been long enough, and were roaring to get back at it.  We left off with finally getting the body to clear those huge heads, now on to the steering, dash and everything else we have left to finish.


Click here for the latest on Project COBRA33

New Electrical and Switch Gear!

     We have some new Electrical Components....Toggle Switch Mounts and Covers, Switch Electrical Molded Plugs, for fast and secure wiring, and both Clear and Black Toggle Switch Covers, for water &dust tight conditions.


Wiring & Electrical Supplies...Click Here

New Breather System for the 4.6L & 5.4L Engines ! !


     We now a have new and very efficient Breather System for the 4.6L & 5.4L Ford engines!  The new Breather traps both airborne oily deposits and oil that emits from the valve covers.  If left un-attended, it can cause many problems, most notably to the 03-04 Cobra engines, which suffer from blocked Inter-Cooler Passages, Carbon build-up on the back on the Intake valves, degraded intake track and many other issues associated with oil in the intake air flow like faulty sensor readings and clogged Idle air control motors.  This new system uses the best parts for the best results, AN-10 Hose and Fittings, Aluminum Catch Tank W/drain cock, and the whole thing bolts to your existing Terminator Engine.  While made especially for the 03-04 Cobra SC engine, it can be used on any 4.6L or 5.4L engine.  Also available in Black, Polished or traditional Red/Blue fittings.




4.6L breather System...Click Here

    New Ford Engines...4V, 3V or 2V.  03-04 Cobra Supoer-Charged engines ! !

     We now offer complete "Terminator" 03-04 Cobra Engines !!  We can build you an exact 03-04 Cobra Super-Charged engine for your Mustang, Kit Car (Like Factory Five), Hot Rod or latest project vehicle.  We use only Ford Original Parts, for a exact copy of this famously powerful engine.  100% New and original....Or we can modify any part of the engine, like Fuel System.... for a Return type fuel system, Emissions...Delete the emissions system or whatever you require.  We can go from a Complete stock factory like engine to one complete with Wiring Harness attached, Fuel System ready, Breather System, Headers, Dry Sump Pump, Ignition System installed and ready for drop in!  We take no short don't ask us to.  If you're in the market for a High Performance or Factory Stock Ford engine, give us a call.





Finally....A Book on How to Build a 03-04 Cobra Engine!!!



I know I have been asked a 1000 times, the same question.....Is there a Book on How to Assemble a 03-04 Cobra Engine?

Well Now There is !!

     We put together a great Book on How to Assemble a Cobra 03-04 " Terminator" Engine.  This book starts with the long block completed, and guides you through the step by step process of building your very own "Terminator" Engine.  In it, we not only guide you on the step by step process of the build, but also give detailed explanations of how the each part works and what it's part is in the over-all engine operation.  Besides the actual build, we also help guide you through the Wiring Process, and the installation of many Aftermarket Parts that are common to this engine.  In all, there are some 124 pages, with hundreds or Drawings, Pictures and Detailed Specifications to guide you through a problem free engine build.  We give all Torque Specifications for every part, with drawings and actual pictures of both the part your installing and where it goes on the engine.  You simply follow along as the Book builds a 03-04 Cobra engine, step by step, one part at a time.  The Book is supper friendly, and explains not only what the parts look like and where they go, but also why they go there and how they fit into the over-all design of the engine.

      If you're Serious about Building a 03-04 Cobra Engine, or just what to know more about how they work, this Book is a Must Have Item !


03-04 Cobra assembly manual...Click Here

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