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Big News…


Now has a

Boss 302!


 We were very fortunate to be able to order this wonderful new vehicle this year. The intent is to use this along with Silver Streak, as another platform to test both our own new parts and those offered by others. We ordered this car from Beechmont Ford, in February of 2012 and took delivery in 06-14-12. While we do not get any reimbursement from them nor are we affiliated in any way with their business, I must say if you are in the area and need a Ford product, I would certainly give them a call or drop in and say hello to Terry: also known by many in the Mustang world as "BeefCake". They have certainly treated us great and I would venture to say, they will treat you the same.

     While I do not have a master plan for the Boss 302, unlike the Silver Streak car which will be modified greatly with a Twin Turbo set-up and used for serious street and strip duty, we will track every modification, both good and bad, for everyone interest. Right away, before we even took delivery we knew there were several modifications we had to make. First was a strut type hood lift, to hold the hood up by itself. Next was a exhaust cut-out system to use those side exhaust pipes on the Boss to good use and finally we knew we wanted to install a breather system on the engine. After that, we will just have to see.


Make:……….....Ford Motor Car Company

Model:………...Mustang, Boss 302 #1225

Engine:…….....5.0L Ti-VCT DOHC, Road Runner


Torque:…..…...380 lb/ft

Comp Ratio:….11.0:1

Red Line:……..7,500 RPM (Stable to 8,400 RPM)

Deck Height:…227mm or 8.937"

Bore:…………. 92.2mm or 3.629"

Stroke:………...92.7mm or 3.649"

Rod length:…...150.7mm or 5.933"

Rod Ratio:…….1.62:1

Firing Order:….1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2 (Old Ford Flathead)

Color:………….School Bus Yellow

Options:…….…Ricardo Seats & TORSEN® helical differential 3.73:1 axle ratio


   Modification Made

to Date..

Right out of the Gate..

Pick-up & Delivery

Up-Date 1

OTC Exhaust Cut-Outs

Up-Date 2

Roush Hood Support

Up-Date 3

Breather Assembly

Up-Date 4

Brake Up-Grade: Lines, DBA Rotors and Painted Calibers

Up-Date 5

WhiteLine Suspension Up-Grade


Up-Date 6

Boss Body Work Starts

Click Here

Up-Date 6.1

Boss Body Work: Fornt Section

click here

Up-Date 6.2

Boss Body Work: Inside Chages

click here

Up-Date 6.3

Boss Body Work: The Rear End

click here

Up-Date 6.4

Boss Body Work: Under The Hood

click here



The Legend Is Back on the Streets

Born in '69. A 40-plus-year legacy on the track. Now, a road-racing legend has returned. Available in street and racing versions, today’s Boss 302 looks every bit as lean and mean as its predecessor. It’s also backed up with a 444-hp* beast under the hood.

Heritage Styling

Boss Performance

·         The legendary Mustang 5.0 engine

·         444-horsepower Hi-Po 302 V8 that redlines at 7,500 rpm

·         Features a "runner in the box" intake manifold

·         Forged pistons, sodium valves, valve springs, new rods, oil cooler and high-lift cams

*Premium fuel required

Boss Performance

Heritage Styling

·         The Boss 302 pays homage to its legendary past

·         Retro 1970-style iridescent signature hockey stripes

·         Modified front lower fascia with new splitter

·         Unique upper grille and black decklid spoiler

·         Pony tri-bar badge with black hood and side C-stripes


Pro Weld

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Burlington, KY 41005