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Currently we Have 5 Projects Going!

 Project: Flat-Head


The Creative Story of a Flathead/Turbo Project saved from our 1933 Ford and installed in a Cartoon Vehicle…Crazy but true.

Project " Silver Streak"


Our ongoing transformation of a 2004 Mustang into a Drag car we use for Testing and Fun..

Click Here

Project "'Cobra '33"


We take a 1933 Ford Tudor  Sedan, drop a Wild Terminator Engine in it, add a Custom Frame, Front & Rear Suspension , all while keeping it All Steel and on Track…

Click Here

Project BOSS 302


One of our Newest Projects.. We bought a 2013 BOSS 302 and while we are still up in the air about it's Final Outcome, we are making Small Progress with it.

Click Here

Project " Modular LS Ignition System"


In a Quest of the Ultimate Ignition System for Large HP Engines with Huge Boost, We set out to Build an Ignition System that not only Functions well but is Easy to Install and looks Damn Good While Doing It's Thing!

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