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We now offer both Powder-Coating and Hydro-Dipping. !. !

Welcome to Pro-Weld Performance Parts...

     While I'm sure were a new name to many, those that do know us, know we stride for excellence. Yes, we are small, but that isn't really a bad thing when you specialize in one area. We work on the Ford 4.6L & 5.4L SOHC and DOHC Engines, Transmissions and that's all. Our market isn't in the masses, we don't pretend to be larger then we are. Fact is, I prefer to stay small. I want to know our customers, there needs, there wants and there passion for the sport.

We do Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Specialty Engines (Normally Aspirated, Super-Charged and Turbo-Charged), and we are the Only source for Super Strength, Super High Quality, Up-Graded or Replacement Engine Hardware and Fasteners for all Modular Engine!
      Of-coarse we sell the parts & pieces that support our core business, which is: Race Block Prep, Short & Long Block Building, Cylinder Head Repair, Prep and Performance, and Custom Wiring Harnesses. But we also offer some unusual, but very niche market Parts & Supplies.

We know our product, and we believe in quality craftsmanship.

At Pro Weld we:

  • Sell the Super Cooler, a fantastic addition to any Dodge Ram Truck!


  •  Offer great deals on ALL Stock Ford Cobra parts, 96-01 & 03-04 model year, from Oil Pressure Sensors to Superchargers!





  • Can develop Harnesses and Systems for complete plug and play fit.

  • Repair Blown Spark Plug Holes...Or just make sure your heads don't blow there's, with TimeSert Inserts !

  • Plus many other High Performance Options. 



This is our latest Turbo engine, a 2001 Cobra with a T4-GT45 Single Turbo.  The headers had to be modified to fit the set-up, we had to extend the tubing to allow clearance for the front drive system.  Also, we made a mount for the Turbo itself, something most forget to do, then find out the exhaust system cracks under the strain.


This is a new 03-04 Cobra engine, built similar to the original, but with better internals and better head work.  This view gives you a good ideal of the many parts and details that are involved in an engine of this caliber.


Here is another 03-04 Cobra engine, this is  an completely new engine from top to bottom, with only the best parts available.  You can see it has our own Inter-coolant Hose System, and the engine uses all our own bolts for assembly.  This is a very slick engine that currently resides in a very competitive, Mustang Challenge car.


Here we have a brand new engine built for a customer that runs a AC Cobra.  The engine is a 5.4L, based on the newer 2009 and up GT 500.  If has Oliver Rods, Diamond Pistons, Comp Cams, Innovators West Damper and every performance piece we could cram into it.  It has many polished aluminum dress pieces, and is painted in candy blue.  The fuel system is a custom Weber like, EFI conversion that has the old look without the troubles of multiple carburetors.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

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Pro Weld

5937 Ethan Drive

Burlington, KY 41005