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O3-04 Cobra Assembly Manual !!

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You Ask for it...So Here it is, the How To Manual for "Terminator" Lovers !!

How to Assemble a 03-04 Cobra SC “Terminator” Engine

©2010 By ProWeld Performance Parts

     I have taken numerous Phone Calls, E-mails and Written Letters asking How to Assembly one Part or the Other on these Great Engines.  Generally I can talk one through the process, but it takes time and doesn't really work that well for the rest of assembly.  This new Manual is just the ticket for those wishing to Assemble, or just know more about the 03-04 Cobra Engine.  It is written in a very laded back, easy to understand way, with many pictures and diagrams on the subject.  In all, there are 124 pages and several hundred photographs and diagrams to make sure you get the information you need to assemble your engine right.  In it, I also give all Torque Specifications for a Factory Correct assembly.

     The Assembly Manual starts with a fully assembled Long Block as the basis for the process.  From there we add each piece needed to build-up the engine to a complete and ready to go assembly.  Along the way, I help break-down the Lingo, or Ford speak as I call it, and let you know what each part is called, where it goes, and what it does.  We also explain the many variations of the engine, like Return or Return less Fuel Systems, and many of the popular options available today.  There is also plenty of conversation on the Electronics of the Engine, what they do, Where they are and how they function.  I'm sure anyone interested in the 03-04 Cobra Engine will enjoy this informative and interesting Manual.


     The Assembly Manual is only offered in PDF form, We send you a copy and you can view it on your computer, or print out the pages you need or all of it.  For current customers, we give you a 25% price break on the Assembly Manual, just order it and we will refund the 25% once you are recognized as a ProWeld Customer.  For first time customers, we will deduct your 25% of the cost of the Manual with an additional $75.00 purchase at the time of order!!  You get a wonderfully helpful Manual and Great parts in one package, what could be better!!

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