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We are a Ford Specialty Shop...We offer many select parts and accessories for the Ford Mustang and other vehicles that use the Ford Modular Engine. What ever your need, be it Racing, Street or Show...We have the products you need! 

Everything we sell is made from the best materials and products we have found.  You may find a similar product cheaper, but you will not find a better product anywhere for our price!  We are Modular Engine experts...



Modular Engine & Transmission...Socket Head Bolt Kits  Click Here...


We offer a vast supply of specific Socket head Bolts, in both Black Oxide and Stainless Steel finish, for the entire family of Modular Engines.  In fact, we are the one supplier of these kits, and have a bolt kit for every application on the 03-04 Cobra engine!  We use only 12.9 Din and 18-8, 316 SS Socket Head Bolts in our kits, a vast improvement over the Factory supplied hardware, in both Strength and Good Looks.

Modular Engine, Threaded Stud Kits...Click Here

    We also offer the Threaded Stud option for many Modular applications.  Threaded Studs are wonderful for many applications, especially those that require constant removal and installation of parts.  The Threaded studs keeps the block threads from becoming damaged, while facilitating removal and installation.  The threaded studs are also made of the best materials we have found, and far exceed the factory standards.  Save time, and simplify the process, with Threaded studs.
   Have a special application, we don't list?  Call us and we can help you solve your fastener problems.


Breather System for Modular Engines....Click Here.....

     The best Ford Modular Breather System on the market!  Made for your engine, by a team that cares.


Dry Sump Oil Pumps, Drives & Tanks Assemblies   Click here...

     We offer the very best Dry Sump Oiling Systems available for the Ford Engines.  We have a complete line of Dry Sump Pumps in both 3, 4 & 5 stage systems.....The drive and mounting platforms for them...And a variety of Tanks, Breathers, Swirl Pots, Fittings and Hose assemblies, Plus the best Billet Aluminum Oil pan in the business!!


Engine Pre-Lubber Oil Pumps   Click here...

     Our Engine Pre-Lube Oil pumps offer both flexibility and performance.  You can use them to pre-lub the engine prior to start-up, or use them to pump oil back to the oil pan when running remote mounted Turbo-Chargers.  We have the best pumps on the market!


Cobra Specific parts available from ProWeld  Click Here...

       We have specific pieces for the 03-04 Cobra engine, that no-one else has.  We specialize in both building these engines and supplying performance parts for them, we know our product and our customers.

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