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When only the best will do…ARP is the only answer!

A Quick Word about our Bolt Kits



     If there is one thing I enjoy and I'm sure most others do to, it has to be CHOICE or Options.  We started supplying Ford Modular Engine Bolt Kits back in or around 2002.  At the time, the main plan was to offer an option to those in the sport from stock OEM hardware.  I have always liked Fasteners and Hardware of any kind. I have also liked Socket Head Bolts, so we decided to offer as many kits as we could in these type fasteners, Black Oxide and 18-8 Stainless Steel.  At the time, the push was to just get a hold of these parts/engines and record the data, so we could make our Bolt Kits.  This as you can imagine took a very long time.  We had to purchase each engine from every version (YES, Really):

      The time, money and record keeping involved took several years and many notebooks to fill.  In that time frame, we concentrated on the basics, and kept adding to the list of new Bolt Kits available.  We have always welcomed special request from our customers, and many times those special request made it into the bolt kits we listed, other times it was just a onetime event and that was OK.  Many times, we have had customers ask for specialty bolts…bolts we normally did not stock or offer in kit form.  Now that we have built a pretty substantial listing of Bolt Kits for most all Ford Modular Engine Powered Vehicles, we felt it was a logical next step to go ahead and expand the type of bolts we offer in our Kits


     This brings us to where we are now.  In addition to the normal Black Oxide and 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolts we have always offered, we will now offer five (5) additional bolt styles, and three (3) types of Threaded Studs, most available for most kits we sell.  The Bolts we offer are as follows:

  • Socket Head Bolts:

  • Black Oxide

  • 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • 316 Stainless Steel


  • ARP Hex Head Bolts

  • Heat-Treated 8740 Chrome Moly Black Oxide

  • ARP 300 Stainless Steel


  • ARP 12-Poimt Bolts

  • Heat-Treated 8740 Chrome Moly Black Oxide

  • ARP 300 Stainless Steel

     To get the lowest prices on these very high quality, expensive bolts, we have to purchase in quantities of 1000 on most bolts we purchase!  This large scale allows us to fill most every order right away and on the day you ordered, plus it assures you get the best pricing available. But, the cost of maintaining such a huge inventory runs well north of $100,000.00...and several hundred drawers of Bolts, Nut and Washers..!



1.  316SS  or  316 Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolt Kit

            Grade A4 316 SS is generally considered a marine grade fastener, and mostly used in boats, ships, and on anything is a constant corrosive environment.   These are not for everyone as they are the most expensive stainless steel fasteners going, but we have had many request for these.  Mainly because they are so well made, and highly polished.


3.  ARPHSS  or ARP's Hex Head Stainless Steel Bolt Kits.

            Just like the BO Hex Head Kit above, these have the same 6-side Hex Head design.  The difference is the material.  They  are made from, ARP 300 stainless steel, highly polished and look great on anything you put them on. 


5.  ARP12pSS  or ARP's 12 point bolts in a Stainless Steel finish.

            This would be the top of the line for us.  The strength and quality of the 12 point head and the beauty of a polished stainless steel bolt.  My personal favorite and I hope yours too. 


7.  18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolts

                Like the Black Oxide above, this is a Socket head Bolt made from Grade A2 18-8 Stainless Steel.  It is a more all purpose stainless steel, but is very weather resistant and look very nice.  The bulk of our business goes to these bolts, as they offer the improved finish, great looks and a custom touch to any project.


2.  ARPHBO  or ARP's Hex Head Black Oxide Bolt Kits

            ARP makes some of the best fasteners in the world, and these are very popular.  You get the great ARP quality, in the most affordable version they have.  These bolts have a 6-Side Hex Head Bolt Top, are constructed from 8740 chrome moly and have a tensile strength of 180,000 psi, plus they are protected with a bright shiny like Black Oxide finish.


4.  ARP12pBO  or ARP's Black Oxide Finish with a 12 point bolt head. 

            It doesn't get much better than that!  The strength of a 12 point fastener, plus the quality and assurance of ARP, all in one package.  These kits run higher than the Hex Head Bolts, but most racers think they are worth every penny


6.  BO or Black Oxide Socket Head Bolt

          This is the Black Oxide Socket Head Bolt, It requires a Allen wrench to tighten, and fits in many areas a regular Hex or 12 point bolt would not, simply because you do not have to provide an area around the bolt for the wrench.  These are used in most aeronautical and Military applications.  The Bolt has a 12.9 Din rating which is several steps up from the Grade 8 many are frumilure with.  The bolt is the center of our bolt kits, it offer great strength, lighter weight, and real savings over most other bolt types.


     The Threaded Studs we offer are for many kits, but not all.  If a kit does not list a stud kit, we probably could not make it up because of a lack of proper thread size or lack of proper length available.  Threaded studs offer many advantages over a conventional bolt.  When parts have to come off often, as in a race situation, the Threaded Studs serves to protect the threaded base.  Like a bellhousing stud would not have to be backed in and out of a aluminum block.  This reduced the wear and tear on the threads, but also avoids the possibility of accidently stripping the threads, either by cross-threading them or over tightening them.  This is only one example, but the studs also serve to speed up assembly, and most times they will provide a better clamping load then a bolt.

Our Threaded Stud Kits will be offered in several styles of Studs:


A.  Class 8.8 Threaded Stud

            The most common and available type Stud. This Stud will not increase the strength that much over other methods, but it will provide most all the other benefits a Threaded Stud is capable of. This is the most reasonable in price.


B.  Class 10.9 Threaded Stud

            These Studs are stronger in every way over the 8.8 Class, and are manufactured to a higher standard.  The threads are rolled and not cut, which increases strength and tolerance. 


C.  ARP 300SS Threaded Stud

            These are ARP Studs, and as such are made to exacting tolerance.  The threads are rolled and the Stud generally has a starting threaded, or NASCAR thread.  Which is a small area at the beginning of the thread that is both tapered and rounded, this helps center the nut and start the threads very quickly and without a cross thread.  While ARP does not manufacture a great many Metric Threaded Studs, what they do is first class and the best in the business.  The price reflects that.


D.  ARP Black Oxide Threaded Stud

            These are like the above ARP Studs, only these have a Black Oxide Finish and are made of 8740 chrome moly and have a very high tensile strength.  Where our kits requirements and the availability of these Studs intersect, we offer a kit in these fantastic Threaded Studs.  If your more interested in savings, these are not for you.  But if quality, strength and ease of use are your requirements, then you should give the ARP Threaded Studs a chance.

Bolt & Stud Kits we offer for the Ford Modular Engine:

Ford 4-Valve Modular Engines:

93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII

98-present Lincoln Navigator, In Tech

02-05 Lincoln Aviator

07-14 Mustang GT500

11-14 Mustang Coyote

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