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Low-ETM brand insulation is available in 4' by 10' and 4' by 120' rolls. It is IDEAL for use in a Hot Rod, Street Rod, Rat Rod, Classic Car, Truck, Pickup, Motor Home, Van, Boat, Race Car, Stock Car, Vintage Car, even an Airplane.

  • R-Value ASTM C-236 = 7.55

  • Meets DOT Flammability Standard FMVSS302

  • This same brand of automotive insulation is used in NASCAR, IROC, and World of Outlaws race cars.

  • Constructed of 1/4" thick closed cell microcellular polyethylene with scrim reinforced 99% pure polished aluminum on both sides. I want to emphasize that this is NOT foil covered bubble wrap like that sold in hardware stores.

  • Stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer which makes it ideal for lining engine covers in boats and motor homes.

  • Excellent sound deadener so it will keep out unwanted engine and road noise.

  • Extremely light-weight, totally non-toxic, cuts with scissors or a sharp knife, easily conforms to irregular shapes and can be secured with 3-M spray adhesive.

  • Prevents condensation and WILL NOT mildew and WILL NOT retain moisture like cotton or jute backed products.

  • I have used this insulation in my own truck, a Dodge Ram 3500 with a Cummins.  I completely insulated the cab!  Under the carpet, both doors, firewall, and rear of cab (extended model) .  The results were fantastic, I lowered the inside noise levels substantually,  road noise and engine noise both.  Now I can actually enjoy a casual conversation without yelling, and that new stereo never sounded better.  This stuff is great!  Another added bonus is the lower cab temperatures, the cab just doesn't get as hot anymore and the floor boards stay cool even while towing.

  • Under the hood I used this same Insulation to increase engine performance.  I insulated the air box to insure only the coolest air was being consumed, and I also used this insulation to insulate the hood for further noise suppression.

  • We are in the proccess of re-building our 1933 Ford, and I fully intend on useing this insualation as much as possible.  I have had nothing but wonderfull things to say about it's use on the Dodge Ram, and have no doubts about it's ability to fight heat and suppress noise on this car.

  • The uses are enless, I told you about the truck but I also used this stuff to insulate the generator box in our trailer.  It reduced both noise levels and temperature transfer.  My trailer was ordered with insulated walls, but the next one will be insulated with Low-E. It does a much better job and cost no more.  Another great use is to insulate the water heater, at home or in the trailer.

  • It's easy to use and install.  I cut the Low-E with industrial sissors and a razor knife.  For most of my pieces I used cardboard to make the templet, then traced that with a sharpie.  For installation, I used Spray adhessive and a few screws when needed.

  • Excellent for insulating a garage door.

  • Best of all, it's MADE IN THE USA!


This is the inside on the air box on the Dodge.  I use the insullation to seperate the incomming cool air from the heat of the engine.  I also use this space to controll several on-board electrical functions, works great for that and is well protected.


Back Wall of Cab.  The factory doesn't do much in this area, but gains can be made with the use of the Low-E insulation.  Road noise, is greatly reduced and is very simple to install.


Engine Compartment.  While this shot does not show the Low-E insullation, It does show the air box that is insullated with it on the other side.  Lace-On insulation that covers the air intake tube, along with exhaust manifold and tubocharger cover show the level of commitment and determination to lower under hood temperatures and intake air temperature, the author is willing to make.


Insulation is sold in standard lengths of

4 foot x 6 Foot          

4 Foot x 20 Foot        

4 Foot x 30 Foot  

4 Foot x 60 Foot       

   and full Roll

4 Foot x 120 Foot!       



Order your Low-E-Insulation Here...In the lengths you need!








3-M Spray Adhesive


Thermo-Tec Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive 16 oz


DEI Hi-Temp Heat Resistant Spray Adhesive

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